Tuesday, 11 March 2014

10 little questions tag!

After seeing the amazing person that is Jim Chapman's video 
http://youtu.be/MqFPY90_vDo I decided to try the ten little questions tag myself? hope you enjoy!

1) what you tuber do you secretly have a crush on?
Hmmmm too many to name!

2)If you had a tardis like in doctor who, how would you use it?
I would transport myself back to the fifties becAuse everything seemed so cool back then, especially the fashion and music! (But I would have to take modern day technology with me because what would life be without computers?)

3) Share a secret that no one else knows.
Okay whoever you are reading this you have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay here I go...I had cake for breakfast today! ( I know! I'm the worlds biggest rebel)

4) What did you dream last night?
I honestly have no idea...

 5) if you could be a character from any film,who would you be?
Seeing as I am 15 going on 5 and am obsessed with the film frozen, so I would be Anna from frozen. I would say Elsa but cold bothers me. Either that or Holy Golightly from breakfast at Tiffany's.

6) What are you excited for?
SUMMER!!! I can't wait for gcse's to be over and summer in the city and everything. Although I'm not as excited for results day. :-(

7) if you ruled world what would you do first?
I would install ski lifts on any steeps hills in the world because climbing up a hill after a tiring day at school is not fun!

8) sing the last song that is stuck in your head.
Do you wanna build a snowman
Come let's go and play......(you get the idea, I love frozen)

Yeh, yeh, yeh, I'm beat boxing ..... Yeh?

10) Name something you want to achieve in the future?
I know this is gonna sound cheesy beyond belief but I just want to be really really happy! (and get good gcse results)

If you want to try this tag leave me a response in the comments below! Thank you!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Half Term Haul!

This half term wasn't the greatest because tomorrow I have mock week which meant I spent a lot of herm term revising! Although I did manage to half a shopping break or two and heres the random stuff I bought:

The kaftan style top that you can see above ( click link for a clearer picture: http://www.forever21.com/UK/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=top_blouses&ProductID=2000071014&VariantID= ) and the teal daisy necklace below were both from forever 21. I was given a voucher for so i decided to spend on this because I thought they would be nice things to wear fro spring seeing as winter is almost over (at last!!!).

I have wanted a pair of mom jeans now for too long and I got a topshop voucher for christmas so I saw that as a good excuse to buy a pair. I got a light blue pair because I thought they would be nice to wear with a crop top and some chunky sandals or flip flops. But they are also great for winter with a pair of converse or doc martens.(I wore them yesterday with a cropped mint green jumper, the necklace above and my mint green converse!)

I have also wanted a pair of t bar/ geek shoes to wear for school for a long time too. I tried on a pair in topshop that were practically identical to the ones below and they just didn't fit right. So when I saw these in a little shoe shop boutique place I had to get them. They were a fraction of the price of the topshop ones and fitted a lot better so it was a pretty good deal!

Ive wanted this tin for ages but never bought it, but yesterday I decided to cobble together my loose change and buy it. I thought is would be a great accessory for my room to store well.. sentimental crap! It was from the store joy which to really nice cloths as well as novelty items like this.

Thank you for reading this if anyone is. bye :-)