Sunday, 6 October 2013


Recently, I have spent pretty much all my free time on you tube. I never really saw the point of you tube before, I found most videos boring and television was always a bit more thought provoking. But over the summer holidays I started watching a few you-tubers from both in the UK and around the globe and my view has completely changed. I am now constantly refreshing my subscriptions list to see if any of the channels i have subscribed to have made new videos. Here are some of my favourite channels and why:
Jim Chapman:
This guy is just adorable and funny and he seems to have a positive outlook on everything which makes me feel positive. He just seems nice  and friendly which are probably the most important characteristics a person should have. "Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice" (sorry if you just cringed)
Not only is she hilarious, but she seems to be happy and have a brilliant life. I think she is an excellent role because she had a hard childhood but now has an extremely happy adult hood. I think this provides hope and reassurance to anyone who feels as if their life is never going to get any better.
I only started watching the Shaytards recently but they just brighten up by day. They make daily vlogs and I honestly feels like part of their family when watching their videos, which is kind of stupid seeing as they don't even know who I am but yeah.

I know the 3 channels I have mentioned are all very famous so you have probably already heard of them but I thought I would make a blog about it anyway seeing as i cant think of much to blog about at the minute. I would like to do some diy type blogs but I have been a bit busy recently (mainly doing homework).

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