Sunday, 3 November 2013

Songs of the month: October

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in ages. I am in year 11 so I've been quite busy what with gcse's, coursework and what not. But, anyway, I have decided to start  a new series on my blog called songs of the month ( if you haven't guessed from the title). The songs I choose more times than most wont have actually been released that month because im a strong believer that if a song is a good song it's a good song no matter how old it is. I can't stand it when this happens:
Me:"Oh, have you heard of the song " bla bla bla" I love it"
friend with bad music taste: "OMG, that song is so old"
Me:"But it's a good song"
don't worry, I don't listen to songs from way back when when Telly was black and white and pop tarts weren't yet invented (poor people) but I just don't think it matters how old a song is if it is a good song. Comment if the scenario above has ever happened to you. (not the thing about Telly being black and white and pop tarts. The conversation lol). Okay, I am going to end my rambling now because this introduction was a lot longer than intended and I doubt any of you are still reading this. So here we go:

Home by Philip Philips
 This song is all about going through changes in life. It's suddenly dawned on me that it's not long until I hit adulthood and I have to start making big steps to new schools, work, university etc and for some reason this so reassures me. So take a listen.

She will stay beneath the moon by Adam Barnes
I first heard this song on the youtuber Zoellas video. I've never heard of this artist before but I just really like it and it reminds me of Autumn for some reason.

Almost there by Anika Noni Rose
Yes it's the song from princess and the frog. I have a confession: I love disney songs so you might see them in my monthly Favourites quite often. 

Stop this Train by John Mayer
I must admit I'm not usually a fan on john mayers songs. But this one differs from his usuall ones and the lyrics are really meaningfull and I think that's always important in a song.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I promise I will try and post more regularly from now on. 

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