Tuesday, 12 November 2013

John Lewis Adverts

I am sorry I haven't posted in a week but I have 101 pieces of homework to do and not much time to do them in. ( Trust me that wasn't even much of an exaggeration ). So long story short, I wont be posted in a while until I get on top of my mountain of homework.

But i have decided to make a quick post about a subject I feel very strongly about ( its bringing a tear to my eye now just thinking about it). If you live in the UK you might know that Saturday marked the release of the John lewis Christmas advert 2013. This is an annual event that I participate greatly (wow that sounded posh) and to be honest I think I almost prefer it to Christmas day itself. If you don't happen to spend your life watching John lewis adverts then please become acquainted with them in my COUNTDOWN OF BEST JOHN LEWIS CHRISTMAS ADVERTS EVER!!:

1)2009 "sweet child O mine"
this is my favourite for many reason. One being that I love the song. But the main reason is because the meaning behind it is so true. I hate to say it but each year as I get older Christmas becomes and little bit less exciting. This advert is all about bringing the child hood joy of Christmas back.

2)2011 "Please please please"
This is probably the most popular of all the John lewis adverts and also the most emotional. but I must admit, I was no way never as selfless and the little boy on this video. I didn't start buying my parent present until I was about 11. But I did once find loads of pennys from around the house and wrap them up as my dads birthday present. I had no concept of the value of money way back when so I thought I had given him tonnes. It was probably only about ten p. chances are that it was also already my dads money lol.

3)2007 The shadow advert
i think this was the 2007 one but I am not really sure. its just really clever how they managed to make the shadow using just the products in their store. this was the first of their good Christmas adverts as well.

4)2010 "Your song"
I cant say I am keen on the song (mainly because it has been over played so much in the last three years since this advert was released) but I do love the video.

5)2008 "From me to you"
I love the version of the song in this advert and although there's not much of a plot in this advert I still think its brilliant. (if you haven't guessed already I think they are all brilliant.)

6)2013 "somewhere only we know"
This has always been one of my favourite song and the story line is quite cute. however I am not much of a fan of cartoons which is why it is not further up the list.

7) 2012 "The power of love"
Don't get me wrong I do like this advert I just think it  was a bit of a let down after the one the year before.

This is not one of their Christmas adverts but its another brilliant advert so I thought I would include it.

Sorry if you thought this was a bit of a boring blog post. I will think of something more interesting to do next time.

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